• Sarah Ramsden

    21 February 2023 at 18 h 52 min

    Hi! I’ve been doing quite a review of EF lately, happy to help! For evaluation, I like the BRIEF2 and CEFI. I believe I just read that Dr. Barkley had a hand in the development of the BRIEF which was new info for me. These can help identify strengths and weaknesses, especially if a parent is interested in the perspectives of stakeholders at school. Both are available through online platforms and offer automated scoring

    I would highly recommend Smart but Scattered Teens by Guare and Dawson for the parent to read. There are many actionable steps on how to improve these at home, which can be where the majority of the difficulty may be occurring. There are also checklists in there for both student and parent that can help identify strengths and weaknesses as well as parenting style and how that may be impacting the relationship.

    I hope this helps!