• Sarah Ramsden

    24 January 2023 at 2 h 28 min

    Agreed, this sounds like a unique case! Does the case manager or previous psych have any recollection about the origin of the OHI eligibility? It seems odd that it wouldn’t be in a PWN somewhere, but sometimes these cases slip through. If no one in district remembers the case, I’d ask for a medical release to be signed for the medical provider that is monitoring the health issue so that you can get records and have the necessary documentation. This is probably necessary even if you can determine the medical condition through the school.

    Did the student ever receive speech therapy through the school? I’d check records for that as well. If this hasn’t ever been identified as a concern, I’d have a discussion with teachers about how the articulation is impacting him educationally, reach out to parents to gather more info and ask for consent to add speech to the reeval plan, and then pull in your SLP. We are responsible for identifying any and all challenges/disabilities that could be having an adverse impact on a student’s learning.

    Keep up the good work advocating for your kids! Let me know how it goes!