• Penny

    3 October 2022 at 21 h 36 min

    Hi Claudia,

    Physical therapy is a related service that students can access through a school district. It is very different from private physical therapy in terms of what they work on. A student may require school physical therapy if they have gross motor and mobility issues that impact their ability to access campus. For example, a student be able to walk but may need assistance in learning how to access stairs (if there are stairs on campus) and/or climbing on the play equipment on the playground.

    Regarding the OI representative from your SELPA, I can’t speak to exactly what they provide as we don’t have one in our single district SELPA. I would suspect that they are the specialist in this area and are available to answer questions. They may also manage the funding and equipment part of it. I would recommend reaching out to them to inquire.

    Hope this is helpful!