• Penny Duarte

    16 September 2022 at 16 h 31 min

    There is nothing in the law that states a student can’t be AUT as primary and SLI as secondary. Most students that meet the eligibility category of AUT also meet the eligibility for SLI. I think the discussion that often comes up, is whether the speech and language piece is covered within the category of AUT. We know that autism is difficulty in the area of language, so a team can discuss whether there is a language issue separate from the AUT and therefore it may be helpful to have SLI as secondary (such as maybe articulation). In the end, SLI can be secondary to AUT, it’s just often not recommended by all IEP team members as it’s believed to be part of the AUT and therefore not needed to be listed as secondary. Just remember that it’s a team decision and to have that discussion, but there is no law stating it can’t happen. I hope this helps but please let me know if you have any follow up questions.